Secrets lies and videotape……

It seems like there are plenty of hidden places in the mind that hold on to several things that we don’t wanna anyone to know. However knowledge is indeed power. The truth always surfaces whether we like it or not…it’s just the way things go. Everything that I need to know will come out soon enough. All the betrayals, coverups, and lies… all comes out in the wash. Just because you think things are done behind closed doors doesn’t mean there wasn’t a window open were veiled eyes peeked in to look at the view. Everyone who says they’ll keep your secrets won’t. Know who to trust with that information. What you write in the diary you should keep for self. So many eyes keep watchin’. That amazes me! Eyes keep searchin’ trying to find what’s hidden between the lines……keep LQQKIN. What is hidden will be revealed…..this I know.

On another note…*smiles* thank you for the belated happy birthday! I hope that you enjoyed yours too! Feel better soon okay.

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