With each day that goes by, I try to start anew. Constantly interaction reminds me why hope exists. Communication keeps us connected without it we exist alone. Each opportunity that I have to bond I hope to learn more even about myself. I found it very easy to open up today about some events in my life that weren’t the greatest. The words flowed without reservation. It made me think back to those times and in the telling of those pains, I was truly unafraid. Moments lately I shed a couple tears but it felt good to know I could talk about those things calmly. Thinking about how it used to be for me reliving the events, I’ve grown. I am glad I got to share a part of me with you Truth. I hope that our bond grows and grows. I’m glad to call you friend. My life the epic saga that is could put alot of fiction to shame….it hurts, it’s painful but it’s apart of me and if it didn’t happen I wouldn’t be who I am. When growth occurs changes happen.

I would like growth to happen in so many areas of my life. I hope it continues to grow in one in particular. My opinions are indeed my own and I apologize if I’ve offended in any way. Honest and real communication is what I want to have. I want to grow into better communication. On my heart is drafted a blueprint of what love is and that’s something that I don’t wish to lose. You have that key for a reason. In my heart is where you’ll stay. No matter good or bad…you still got it. Thank you for always being there in spite of……whatever.

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