Sometimes I wonder why I even care. Things that YOU do bother me so dayum much. I react because YOU frustrate the hell out of me when YOU do shit like that. YOU THINK YOU ARE SO FUCKIN’ RIGHT…THAT’S A NEGATIVE!

I guess this me venting…you make me so angry sometimes and I don’t even understand this mess. Just when I think this are going so smooth BOOOOOOOM here comes the chaos. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part. HELL is this what it’s gonna be like when you move to this city. DAYUM I hope not. Cause if so it’s curtains. *sighs* WHY ME WHY ME WHY ME….I feel like all I do is go through fuckin’ drama…can I just have some dayum peace. I swear I sound like a broken record…cause I keep on asking for the same thing…hmmmmm maybe it’s you…if I just walk away maybe I will get my peace. *SCREAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMIN* Why in the world would do I have to go through this bullshit? Can I get to the good part? I keep hearing about the good part….shit can I have my shot? CAN I? CAN I PLEASE??!

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