Maybe I am being difficult but we have so little time together and I want to maximize the moment. I want to get all my hugs and cuddle and blahzay blah in while I have the chance. You are some how unnerved by it at this moment…*eye roll* as if it’s too much. IONO I am really trying not to be a bitch but it pissed me off a tiny bit….*sighs* You are in the shower right now so I felt like it was a moment for me to steal away. I am so happy you are here outside of what I just mentioned. You make me smile so much. I know that the universe does what it does for a reason. I am such an impatient person and I know this about myself I gripe and complain much to my own detriment. I can not help the way my heart feels and I want that RIGHT NOW not tomorrow not in a few months not a few years and just don’t wanna wait. BUT I know that is selfish and unrealistic but I can admit that I know where it is coming from. Maybe I just need to calm the hell down and relax. Yeah tell me that’s it. Somebody anybody pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. I feel it in my heart in my spirit and I think I just don’t know how to act. It’s so close I can almost grasp hold of it *sighs* Time can be such a troublesome burden. I am gonna try to breathe right now. And in all this …..I love you tremendously and you love me. Who woulda thunk it.

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