I had a thought today…slowly but surely it dawned on me that the music I used to listen to that would bring peace…calm and patience to my spirit I don’t even listen to anymore. I really don’t know why I stopped. Time for change. In the midst of my outpouring last night the phone beeped and I didn’t answer I should have though. I ended up returning the call. I needed to hear everything that was said to me. It’s amazing how the answers to silent questions just COME. My perspective was changed instantly. I definitely understand. I’ve been evolution in my spirit for a minute now and I think that outside elements have seen it too on both sides of the axis. I’m NOT about to let the negative energy pull me away. I need positive to rain upon my spirit fa real. It’s amazing when other ppl will let you know you’ve shifted and the YOU is being missed. So rectification is in order. I know to some it won’t make sense and that will be unfortunate but I gotta energize myself and feed my spirit. SO I’m picking up one foot and placing it in front of the other walking down my path. Leaving my trail, blazin’ my path……

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