Dreams are so amazing and when you breathe life into a dream and it can be a life changing moment not just for you but for someone else. Never kill a dream because you think it’s so absolutely ridiculous or you think you’ve outgrown it. If it is truly a dream…it could be your destiny never give up on it. BELIEVE in the impossible….it is POSSIBLE! Make step one and you’ll see the lightbulb come on and the sparking of the fyah. Just give yourself a chance. And if someone around you has the light in their eyes when they talk about what moves them….ENCOURAGE THAT! Self doubt and fear can be a DREAM KILLER. I’m a firm believer in there being a reason for every action that has occurred in my life. Each person, each event has played an active part in fulfilling my ultimate destiny. I told mini-me just the other day all the events that led me to want to be a writer but in the telling it struck me that I’ve ALWAYS known. That moment was powerful for me cause it let me know that I’ve always been on the path that I needed to be on. I’ve known since I was in the 4th grade that revelation was an epiphany. AMAZING isn’t it. I had an extraordinary imagination and books just further excited that creativity in me. I just need to stay on my path! I encourage everyone to find their niche and work IT!

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