Expression….seems so easy for me but for some people it seems to be so hard. How hard is it to say how you feel…to share your deepest desires? When someone means so much to you why is it you can not just SAY that? Sometimes the other person just needs to hear the words whatever it is on your heart. Or perhaps I’m too expressive maybe I wear my heart and my emotions on my sleeves. When you become open and the walls that had been up for years all crumble to the ground without that one person even trying really hard makes it so difficult to put them back up again. Yet why would I want to put them up again….perhaps because being naked means every emotions is enhanced by infinity. My feelings are way beyond the surface and they have found a place inside of me that hadn’t been discovered. Open doesn’t really feel that great right now. Sometimes I wish I could start building brick by brick cause I feel wounded.

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