2773 Miles

You just never know what events will bring you closer. And somehow 2773 miles didn’t seem so far in fact it was though WE were side by side. Even though WE’VE survived close calls before I can not figure out why this situation cause me to hold my breath and not exhale until you were safely at home. Words didn’t even matter just listening to each other’s breathing was enough. You felt me exhale without a sound coming from my lips and instinctively You said “I’m okay” and that’s all that needed to be said. When I received a letter from you today it was right on time and meant for the moment. I relished in your words and reread them several times before putting it away. You didn’t tell me you were sending it, it just arrived. What a surprise for my eyes to see! It just reinforced everything. Hope has returned.

All I want for Christmas…is my beacon *sighs*

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