Will WE ever see the same horizon again? Will WE have the same visions again?

The universe only knows where the path will lead. Life takes us on strange twists and turns most times we have no idea where we will be. Living in the moment is so frustrating. I try to hang on to the hope that I’ll get some kind of sign some inclination that everything will work out. Moments like this I wish I had the gift of foresight. I just know that this tension is not helping us and I don’t know what to do about it. I wish things were easier to deal with. Life is a perfect circle when the ends meet will everything we have gone through be worth the pain worth the irritation worth the tears worth the frustration. I don’t have an answer. I am just walking with time and when it decides to reveal to me the truth of the matter is when I will know. I keep reminding myself that love is pure without expectations or limitations or restrictions anything outside of purity is fear. I keep reminding myself to release, let go, and detach. This is the difficult part. So I’m gonna try a little harder. I know YOU can not see this but I hope YOU feel this. I love YOU in spite of, because of, for the joy of, for everything YOU are and everything YOU are not, and for the person YOU will become. I love all these many facets of YOU simply because it is YOU that I love.

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