Use Your Head For More Than A Hat Rack!

Can you see the steam coming from off the top of my head? I’m irritated!! Nothing frustrates me more than ignorance even worst complacency consumed by ignorance. WHAT IN THE HELL is with grown women with no dayum goals????? ALL you want to do is go to the club, smoke, and drink? UMMM I’ve never seen such stupidity in all my life. I have run across too many women over 25 with nothing positive to say about ANYTHING. They have no opinion or conscious thought about life. GOOD GRACIOUS! Sometimes I wonder whether or not I’m from another planet entirely. I say that because it seems it’s rare to have meaningful conversation these days. I’m really a bit tired of the “you’re cute” excuse me Miss express yourself BEYOND that please!! Please let me know your head has something IN it and it’s not just decorated with press powder and Lipglass. I’m tired of woman looking for a home! My house is not CAMP this ain’t no playground NO you can not come stay with me. I’m tired of the woman looking for someone to take care of her while she does nothing but lazy around while her partner “slaves” at work and home. GOALS, DESTINATION, DESIRE, DESTINY are these concepts foreign?? Talk to me about your 5 point plan and how you plan to get there. Talk to me about how you feel about African children losing life for gems your wearing around your neck that your lineage paid for a MILLION times over. Let’s chat about that! Talk to me about the incarceration rate of Black women in AMERIKKA! WOMEN getting LIFE for drug crimes and I’m not talking kilos…WHAT THE HELL!! Folks better start getting conscious and feed the mind. PICK UP A DAYUM BOOK PLEASE!

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