No, You Cannot Touch My Hair!!

So I twisted my hair twice within the span of two weeks and the oddest thing…stares. You’d think I was a different person then I was the day before my hair was like this. I felt like somebody let piranhas loose with all the teeth I saw today alone. I’m just glad no one decided to reach out and put there hands in my hair. It’s something about that I can not stand the foreign hand approaching out of nowhere and you start patting my head. It reminds me of the stories my Granny used to tell me about the whitefolks in Houston who used to pat the children’s heads and give them a quarter talking about how well groomed and mannered they were. UMMMM YOOO I’m not a canine or horse no teeth check here. I’m quick to pop hands like a trained prize fighter….stick and move stick and move.

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