A Declaration

I want to have honest , open, sharing, loving, supportive, growth promoting experiences. Experiences that give me peace, fill my spirit and allow my mind to grow blossom and flourish. Allow me the capability to be able to recognize these experiences for what they are and clearly see them. Help me gain a better understanding. Help me to be not afraid of loving. To not be afraid of having love and embracing it in all forms. Accept what comes my way for exactly what is it. EMBRACE IT! Help me work on these issues of abandonment, trust, and genuine love. I am deserving and worthy of everything that is for me. Stop denying what Universe places before me. Stop being so critical about who I am, my experience, the current point I am in my life. Help me to feel more comfortable with my mind, my way of thinking, my talents and gifts. I am worthy and deserving of everything life has to offer me. I am okay and I am deserving of being the best me I can be. The next set of tears I shed will be those of hope, release and joy. Starting today…starting today!

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