Based on a convo I had today with BMore…

Folks can really underestimate your worth using whatever criteria they deem fit. Nowadays I feel like age is seriously only a number I have found more and more that those younger than me have their essence so together it’s amazing. Now when I say younger I mean 20somethings LQQKIN…just stated the case lol. Most women older than I underestimate me cause the ones that are older think that because I am younger than them I haven’t “lived long enough” which is ridiculous because I’ve been through alot sometimes more than most so they think in terms of the number not experience nor wisdom…ya dig?! For me I can never prejudge, you never know who you may cut off by doing so. I’ve meet so many young women who are not only intellectuals but they have so much ambition that it’s mindblowing and they are so very single. Some wish to find that ONE and can’t why because they are being turned down because of the year on their birth certificate. You can learn lessons from anyone so never block blessings ever.

I have YET to date my age or older. I don’t know but it’s something about that OLDER that kinda turns me off though LOL ICK LMAO! I know I shouldn’t be like that but I am far older than some I encounter. It seems as though alot of 20somethings think that I am 20something and those are all that seem to approach me which is cool sometimes lol cause they never believe me when I state my age anyhow LOL! That’s always a treat. Oddly I’ve discovered more mentally and spiritually aware than others I’ve come in contact with which is quite refreshing. I cannot figure out why women in my age range haven’t reach that yet. I mean I know we are all works in progress but some things at my age are just NOT acceptable and you should just know better. I am also finding I am attracted on sight due to sex appeal in those younger. My friends are all younger so hmmm the saying always goes you are as young as you feel….well my friends keep me that way LOL!
I am amazed that these young ones have the ambition that they have early I mean if HALF the women in my age range “GOT IT” in their 20s they would be set instead of still trying to “find themselves”. I will continue to surround myself with those who are intellectuals and not based on any dumb AGE criteria not that I ever have but you know just making it known cause it really don’t mean much if you still making the same mistakes you did at 18/19 you know!! Something to think about isn’t it?

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