The Good And the Bad

I feel good about everything that has transpired the good and the bad too because there are lessons in all of it.
My pen is flowing beautifully so I am definitely excited about that. Right now it’s just a matter of staying focus on the goal which is to start sending out correspondence to publishers. I know I have long road ahead of me but I need to do this. I’ve put this off for far too long and the only thing that is/was holding me back has been me. The other thing I’ve been lacked on is singing. I remember a time when it was all that I did. Now, I don’t do it at all. When asked on cue it’s like the melody will not come out of my throat almost like I’ve forgotten that I could. My father (we don’t get along) has always negated anything creative that I’ve ever done and I think somehow someway that it has put some kind of hold on my forward progress. Some people can make you feel like you are worthy enough for some arenas. I felt for the longest time in my youth that I just wasn’t GOOD enough. But I’ve come to learn that it never was about me. I have distanced myself from him and all the others who have been negative energy around me. My spirit still needs work because I’ve held on to some of that energy. I need to free myself from it. So that I can move on. In the words of Myrtle from Diary of A Mad Black Woman… “you’ve got to forgive ’em honey not for them but for you!” I need to meditate more cause I’ve been slacking greatly and allowing life to get in the way of the things I need to do to stay focused and on point. I need to continue to breathe positivity in and exhale the negative. Seek peace!

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