Open With You

You know I am always thinking. Thinking is a thing for me like breathing it’s an unconscious thing. My mind constantly goes on a mission to “find a solution”. It’s in my make up, I’ve always been that way. I am a thinker. If I don’t think what will I do? I don’t know how to let my mind relax. I am even thinking of a solution right now for that. *sighs* What do you do when you feel “if only” could be the solution?

I thought of something someone told me long time ago about attraction. Internally, my energy has found it’s frequency. I think it’s like a magnet, hard to shake it when two are connected. Even though, genetics rarely have any words I can internalize, I can recall one thing. Self recognizes self. There has to be balance. I have strengths and weaknesses (whether I wanna admit them or not) my heart recognizes that in love. We learn lessons from the people in our lives in their season in our lives. This causes evolution. Which why “everything has a season” makes sense.

I think I’m having an epiphany.

Even though we haven’t spoken…I hear you speaking to my spirit. I hear you now. “If everything I thought was handed to you and you knew everything…where is the fun in that?” I wouldn’t appreciate the surprise, the lesson, the knowledge, the story, nor the future as much. I got it. *noddin*

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