Signs and messages

You know for the longest I’ve been asking for a sign or signs to point me in the right direction and dummy me I’ve been getting these all along. It just dawned on me this morning how I thought I was paying attention and I haven’t looked DEEP into what is being said to me. They say blessings come from the strangest places but you know sometimes they are right in you face from the most comfortable places so comfortable that you are so used to the feeling that you bypass what is really going on. I hope that makes sense. Been telling me for the longest time to be still be easy and I’ve literally overlooked the message in the message until this morning. I guess I’ve been slow. It has been suggested to me that I need to do a whole lot of things about my writing. You know what I am stubborn and I admit that. I need to recognize that I can not do every by myself. I’ve been doing alot of thinking. I’m trying to learn patience. So I’m waiting.

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