Something about Spring


Makes me just wanna breathe in. Things seem clearer, the air is smoother, and that pretty sunshine I tell ya. I hear songs going on inside my head makes me wanna daydream. I’ve seen butterflies upon butterflies it’s so amazing. You know that mah thang thang. I am gonna make an effort to go the butterfly exhibit at Marineworld and just stand there in their element. Will I be able to breathe afterwards? *chuckles* If not I hope I land soft. I saw this woman today on the way home she had a butterfly tattoo it was in the middle stuck between two roses. She had it on her right shoulder her skin was coffee brown. I stared at it for so long. You know how ya mom said (well mine did) “keep staring it’s gonna jump out and bite you”…that’s how I felt. I was in a trance!! I wanna fly away. Maybe I’m the only one who’s ever had that feeling. It’s a good feeling I feel. How I wish I had someone to reflect with. *Contemplates a repetitions thought* I stay hopeful.

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