Thoughts On Texas

Well I think that it has been time for me to make a fresh start. I’ve been saying for years and didn’t make any action towards what I really wanted. I think it’s because I thought that I couldn’t do it. Everything seemed so colossal. From trying to save for the move…shipping, uhaul, plane tickets, apt fees….I was overwhelmed. When I lost my job the plans that I had made were out the window because whatever monies I had I needed to live and survive. Right now I want to go I feel the desire but I still need the funds. I am not trying to distract from what it is that I want however I am realistic enough to know that there are a few hurdles to jump over. I just have to focus on what it is that I want most and make actions to move forward. More research needs to be done as well. I sent off for a travel guide and looked up some schools as well. I also need to be firm in my decision about whether or not to go to school. If I do I need to decide on a major and what is it I plan to do with it. I know I wanna write I have wanted nothing else as much. It is something that I know I can do. I know I don’t really want to be an English or Journalism major. I want to learn about what I am interested in…publishing my books. Creative writing seems to be it. I mean if I have to I could do English but I don’t want to take all that other stuff. I also need a stepping stone into the industry whether that be an internship or an apprenticeship. I gotta figure that out too. I know that whatever is out there it’s for me to have. I just need to know which direction to turn NORTH WEST EAST SOUTH just point me in the right way.

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