It seems as though once again I’ve reached a wall. A wall in my writing and one in my life. I want to do this for a living and yet I’ve done nothing to progress in that direction. Why is that? In a word, fear. I don’t know if I really have what it takes. Sure I love the way words make me feel, I adore books and I love to read about that one artist who eventually makes it after years of struggle. I’ve heard that you have to pay your dues. I haven’t done that either. I’ve had people online suggest to me a particular poetry venue in my area. I can not stand this place because it’s cliquish. I don’t like how many of the poets have NOTHING to say to a new reader nor the audiences’ lack of response. It’s disgusting to say the least. I’ve never read there nor will I. I don’t like the vibe there. I need to find a solution to all this humdrum I’m facing right now. Something has got to give or I’ve gotta move. Simple I think not but change has gotta come.

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