Pushing Forward

Even though I’ve been sick and down for the count time keeps on marching forward. With the turn of the calendar, life has once again presented me with a new deck of circumstances to deal with. It’s funny how you can give a wealth of advice to someone else and hear the words and realize that you may be saying the exact same thing to yourself. The past year has changed my life forcing me to make some hard decisions. Some may not have viewed them as sound ones but they were steps I needed to take. Sure I get worried sometimes about what the future holds for me and sometimes I worry more than I am suppose to. I am human. One of my sisterfriends tells me all the time that when I am tired of carrying the burden all by myself I’ll let it go. I know that because I haven’t found anything in all this time, I know it’s out of my hands. So I might as well sit back and ride this out and pay attention the signs up ahead. Hopefully the smoke clears and at the end of the tunnel will be that dream position I’ve always wanted. Until then, I’m waiting.

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