The Here and Now

Nothing matters but what you think and believe and know to be true. No opinion matters but your own. Stop changing yourself based on other folks thoughts and views of the you they wish you to be. If you do so you’ll never be the you that you wish to be. Change for knowledge, for personal growth, for that epiphany you got one night in the dark just change cause it means something to you. Change cause it’s good for you. Do what’s right for you not what feels good to other people.

I am in a place right now where I truly don’t care what other people say. If I feel like walking around with my hair all over my head with no headbands, no scarves, just free I’mma do it. Why? Cause my tresses wanna be in close transmission with the heavens. Cause the sun was shining bright when I woke up. Cause I woke up. Just cause it feels good to me. If I don’t fix, it’s cause I am not trying to conform to your boxed ideals of what you think I should be. My free self feels good and guess what I’m trying to be free-er.

What incited this rant…a letter from my middle brother. It was bound by someone’s view of him in relationship to his penmanship. A statement was made about his regular writing style which is printing. Some “gov’t worker” stated that they could tell a person’s level of intellect by whether they wrote in cursive or printed. Basically those who print are unintelligent. Excuse me, but WHAT IN THE HELL does printing have to do with whether or not a person is intelligent. I wrote him back obviously in total disagreement. A two page letter turned into an 8+ page dissertation LOL! I was soooooooooooo livid that my pen flowed. I am sure he won’t get it til next week but he will understand where I am coming from hopefully. I can not stand stereotypical crap that is filtered into society by ignorant folks who choose to spew off about whatever crap is on their minds. I just have to speak on it.

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