On This Day In Time

On a day just like this day two beautiful brown people got together and produced a beautiful brown baby. It was on a late thursday evening as the stars were hiding in the backdrop and the moon was just getting ready to set the scene.

Just to make sure this day in my many moments in time started off right, at 1:05 A.M., I watched my most favorite movie of all time, “Claudine”. If you haven’t had the fortunate experience of seeing this film, I suggest you seek it out. I love this film for sooooo many reasons. It reminds me of my childhood and the wonderful wonderful times that my parents created for me. It allowed me to appreciate everything I have/had. It let me know that hope existed and that family was forever. If you haven’t let someone you love hear the words “I love you” be sure to let them know it.

Momma and Daddy if you just happen to see this, thank you for listening to your hearts and coming together in order to give me life. I appreciate all the lessons you’ve instilled in me and those I’ve had to learn on my own. Without you I would not be. Thank you for allowing Universe to use you as the vessels to bring forth life…me. I love you.

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