The Energy Around Me

The positive energy flowing around me is MAGNIFICIENT. I swear I feel like the phoenix and the butterfly wrapped into one. I have seen so many butterflies lately more than usually. Today a white one even flew around my head a couple of times, then landed on my hair and flew away. WOW signs and wonders!! That was soooooo beautiful to me. I am dreaming more and more about butterflies too. I think I need to figure out what that means. Maybe change is around the corner or coming my way…whatcha think??

My antenna has been up too. I have given alot of conscious insight to those around me who needed me to listen. I know with everything in me that it’s not me alone. I remember a couple years ago, a lady told me that in my life I would be around people and have the ability to heal them with my words. Clearly I believe that. I don’t know what direction life will take me in during this cycle but it feels SOOOOOOOOOOOO good I can not wait. Can you tell how giddy I am?


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