Rant Independent II: Burgundy Future


On my mind this evening are intense thoughts about passionate things. Intimacy so gentle it’s sacred….spiritual even. It has nothing to do with the act of sex. The other thing is the excitement of moving forward to have conviction so strong about something that momentum forces forward motion so intense that there is no other choice but to act. There is so much energy around that simply saying that I feel it isn’t enough it is so much more than that. It is having the confidence of knowing this is what is suppose to be. And all thought all reason makes perfect sense so much so that you begin to ask why the conclusion didn’t come to you before. The answer is simply is wasn’t time and you weren’t ready to embrace it. When the light bulb comes on that’s the time…..MOVE!!!

2 thoughts on “Rant Independent II: Burgundy Future

  1. it is scary how much we think alike…i don’t find many people that can see things the way i do! too bad we are not closer! i bet we could really kill some time together


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