That thought feels like I said part of it today. I feel like energy is very powerful, so very intense. Have you ever been so consumed by a thought that present reality fades into the darkness somewhere in the recesses of your mind? I felt that today so much so that my whole thought process was totally focused on that one thought that concentration was nil. Where I was I didn’t want to be and I convinced myself to stay a little long just so I wouldn’t feel like I had wasted my time, however….in the small second that reality had to rationalize I was right back in the midst of consumption. Overwhelmed in my own mental rewind, the energy was so strong that I just gathered myself up and walked out in the cold air and didn’t bother to turn and look back because my concentration was needed internally. My thoughts catapulted me to where I did want to be which was in the presence of my own comfort zone so that I could think in silence. Just to be in silence and meditate on the clarity that was in the forefront of my mind. So there I stood as the water hit my face…..thinking. And even now I am still there on a whole ‘notha plane. *shakin mah head* I feel like I am levitating.

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