How you get your hair like that?

Okay okay…..why in the world did someone call me “SOUL SISTA” today?? Now this is ridiculous!!! Just cause I happen to have a particularly long spiral curly afro that would give Angela Davis a run for her money, does that really mean that you gotta call me Sistah Soul Power or Sistah Problack or Queen Mother or shout “POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!”??? I mean come on, is that really necessary? Just because I choose to divert from the “norm” and my appearance is different than the average sistah it doesn’t mean that I need someone to stereotypically place me in some category to make me feel good. In fact it’s quite insulting. Not to mention with some folks it’s patronizing and done in a mocking fashion not to be complimentary. If I had one wish I wish my people could learn to appreciate and respect who they are and where they came from. Love yourselves and the beautiful people that Universe made you to be. Peace, love and afro pics!!

OH yeah and another thing: A sistah thought she was complimenting me by saying she liked my hair but then sat there and tried to analyze it wanting to know how I “GOT MY HAIR” like that. And before I could answer she said “OH you got good hair huh?” I simply said I had to grow out the relaxer in order for it to be this way. She then made a funny face and stated firmly “I bet if you had a perm your hair would be way down your back, I mean you got long hair and all but it would be real pretty like that though, you know with a perm” UMMMMMMM what the hell? Was she trying to make me feel good? Was that a compliment? I tell you my people my people!!! Why would I want to get a perm if it took me 3 years to grow the one I had out?? I tell ya


Okay okay I’m done….GEEZ!!

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