Excerpt Two

You guessed it another excerpt. Before you start reading, just know this is NOT a continuation of Excerpt.One.Point.One. I will follow up with that part of the story soon.

Excerpt Two:

They spent the next thirty minutes fussing, but isn’t that what friends are for. Eventually, Darice and Stacy spent their evening at a popular Caribbean fusion restaurant on the West Side. Stacy continued to go on about Darice’s nonexistent social life. It was as if she refused to let it go. This was a sore subject for Darice. During dessert, Stacy ventured to her usual topic of discussion, Alistair. Darice felt like drowning herself in the double chocolate fudge cheesecake she ordered. Why did Stacy have to keep opening that rejected chapter of her life?

Her axed ex, Alistair Douglas, was a part of her life for four long years. Alistair Douglas was a firefighter. He was 6’4”, 245 lbs., with an athletic build, wrapped in a toasted chestnut package. Alistair carried himself as if he was royalty. When he entered a room, all activity stopped. There was power in his presence. He had been educated at the finest schools. Alistair just let the stress of life make him callous. Based on the things he had to deal with, his sensitivity and compassion was sacrificed in order to deal with life. As in most relationships of long duration, he had become her everything. Darice had begun to count on him since he’d assumed the position on her arm. She’d come to realize that she was dependent upon him. Then one day things changed and even being in his presence began grating against her nerves. It had been a chore to even spend time or hold conversations with him. Alistair had become patronizing and sarcastic. If he had to hear about her dilemmas, he would simply say you’re a big girl solve it. It was as if he knew Darice would shut down as soon as he said it. There were the rare occasions when he tried to offer solutions to her problems which may have been appreciated if it weren’t for his pompous attitude. She knew she could never be the background to his foreground.

“If only you could have let me in”, Darice said aloud.

“Darice, are you listening?” Darice realized that she completely tuned Stacy out.

“Well, I was thinking about Alistair.”

“I just think that you gave up too easily. He could’ve remembered who he was when you met him.”

“Stacy, it would’ve been a long journey to get back to where things began.”

“He was a good man. You can’t find too many of them, they’re few and far between.”

“Yes, but if it’s meant for me to be involved again, I will. In fact, I believe I’ll know the right one when he decides to come along.”

“Darice, honey, the clock is ticking and time is running out.

“Look, I was completely vulnerable with Alistair and he hurt me. I ended up alone. I have finally picked up the pieces of my broken heart. Now, I’m feeling pretty good about getting me together. The relationship ended and now I am moving forward.”

“You just need to put yourself out there again.”

“Stacy, I’m not willing to get the rug pulled from under me again.”

“Don’t give up yet. When you least expect it, it’ll sneak up on you.”

“What will?”


“Ha! That has got to be the sappiest advice I have ever received in my life. You’re always telling me to lighten up. Take your own advice.”

“Girlfriend, mark my words.”

“Let’s pay the check so I can go home and finish my paperwork.”

Darice laughed heartily and shook her head. Once the check was paid, they exited the restaurant, walked to their cars, and said their good-byes. As Darice made her way across town, she began to think about the dinner conversation. Perhaps, Stacy was right. Traffic flowed as Darice shuffled through one song after another looking for one to match her mood. Jazz seemed to calm her and help her think. Male voices with thunderous bass fed her fantasies. That was all the man she needed. The music began to send her into a trance. Before long, she pulled into the parking structure of her building. She waved at the parking attendant, Malik as she passed through. She exited her vehicle and made the long trek up the stairs to her apartment. She opened her door, home sweet home, good ole 7G.

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