Excerpt One.Point.One

I decided to scrap Excerpt One for editing reasons. I decided to post this short excerpt in its place. Enjoy! Feedback is welcome.

Excerpt One. Point. One:

She looked into his eyes and without saying a word she kissed his lips knowing that he fully understood. Khalid could see she needed comforting, not sex. He kissed her fully and then pulled the comforter over her and kissed her forehead. He lifted himself from bed and slowly looked back at her and smiled. He walked to the sink and looked at himself in the mirror. He turned on the water and cupped his hands under the stream splashed his face. While washing his face he smiled to himself as he remembered he only had a few days to be in her company. He had no clue two nights ago things would turn out the way they did. Thinking to himself, he peered through the door and gazed as the beautiful creature laying there in peaceful slumber. After making use of the toothpaste and the mouthwash he found on the counter, he quietly left the bathroom and made his way into the kitchen.

Stacy tossed and turned rustling within the sheets. “Noooooo, please don’t do this to me.” Stacy was running down a corridor into total darkness. She couldn’t see ahead of her. Blackness was two feet in front of her yet she kept running. She looked frantically over her shoulder but she could see nothing. She felt herself spinning out of control but there was nothing to hold onto. Stacy could see the ground opening about to swallow her. Her fingernails clutched at the dirt trying desperately to pull herself up. She couldn’t feel her feet touch bottom. All of sudden she felt as if she was being pulled down. “Stop it, nooooo!!” she felt a hand over her face smothering her, she couldn’t breath. Hands clawing her flesh and pawing her body, as she still tried to make her way out of this black hole. She struggled yet no one heard her cries. She kept blinking to perhaps make everything just go away when she opened her eyes; she was still being smothered. Stacy began to heave and the tears rapidly flowed from her eyes. At that moment she saw a gun, and let out a blood-curdling scream.

Khalid was humming a tune to himself while he was preparing a sumptuous meal for Stacy. He moved through her kitchen trying to familiarize himself with everything. He began to search the cabinets and fridge for the things he thought he’d need. He found some cantaloupe, pineapple and strawberries, cheese and eggs. He had big plans for their day. He smiled to himself and began to prepare the meal. Suddenly out of nowhere, Khalid heard Stacy scream. He dropped the fruit on the counter and ran up the stairs two at a time. He burst into the room only to find Stacy in the bed swinging her arms at the air. He climbed onto the bed and reached for her.

“Stacy, Stacy, wake up it’s only a dream.”

He held her hands until she quieted down and slowly began to open her eyes. She blinked several times and looked around as if she had no idea where she was. She looked up at Khalid and wondered about the look of worry on his face.

“Stacy, what’s the matter? You looked as though you were having a bad dream.”

Stacy looked up at him puzzled. She had no idea what he was talking about.

“Was I? I don’t remember”, she replied quickly.

He looked at her not knowing whether to believe her or not.

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