And The Writer Hits A Snag

I am still working on editing my WIP and as promised I will be posting an excerpt for feedback. I ran into a slight hiccup. I am below average when it comes to tech knowing this is important. I got a new tablet and I have had trouble figuring out exactly what I need to use to create & edit my WIP. I thought I had it figured out and it was uber excited until the program would not let me save any of the changes I made without purchasing the premium package. ALL THE EDITS I did. I panicked. I didn’t want to turn the tablet off, move it, NOTHING until I figured out how to save everything I’d worked on yesterday. I ended up creating a memo (eyerolls) and saving it there. NOW, I have to go about the SLOW process of transferring this to the save document on my dinosaur of a PC. I am lightweight frustrated. I am one of those people who never read instructions and just jump right in. Yeah, see how that worked out for me. So let’s just say that by 11:59pm on Friday there will be something here for you to see. If anyone has a suggestion for an android app I could use, please let me know. I will be so grateful.

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