Dreams: Butterflies

I had this dream on Thursday and I mean to post about it but I forgot. I could clearly see myself standing in the middle of a slowly moving funnel of butterflies. Kind of like this:


They were just swirling around me in a continuous unbroken circle. They were vibrantly colored in yellows, oranges and reds but not like monarch butterflies though. There wings were colored like the robes that Buddhist monks wear. I have never seen butterflies this color. They were almost glowing. At one point two of them stayed on the tip of my right index finger. I was in awe. I was spinning around with them. All I kept saying was, “what does this mean?”

That was all I could remember.

I mean I feel that butterflies are my spirit animal. I know they are symbols of transformation. And yet, I have no clue what this means. Any suggestions?

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