An epiphany, oh epiphany did I have…

I kept thinking about the post I wrote yesterday.  I thought about it a lot.  I kept thinking about exactly what I would do as a 9-10 year old kid in my backyard with the watercolors and my Spirograph.  I used to think that I would be an artist.  I digress.  Let’s talk about this designs and colors I came up with.  I just happen to be scroll through my social media timeline and lo and behold what do I see…mandalas.  It was like a light bulb clicked on for me.  I was creating mandalas. Like sacred geometry.  Mathematics.

“A mandala is the Sanskit word for circle, it is a spiritual and ritual symbol which is representative of the Universe.  It is used for mediation and spiritual guidance.  In dreams, it is a symbol of completeness or self-unity”  – Google


I realized all this time when I have been doodling that I have been making mandalas and just did not consciously know it.  My subconscious knew.  I am having a moment of transition.



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