Writing 101 – Day Six

Today’s Prompt: Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?

I started going into Jamba Juice at the beginning of the a semester almost every morning to start off my work day. I favor two of the drinks and always put my own spin on either. Each time the cashier rings you up they always ask for your name. Well I give my name every time but I always know it will be pronounced wrong or the person fulfilling the order will call out the name of the drink instead. Well after a couple weeks, the same girl, Heather would greet me every morning she was there and she said my name right every time. When Heather wasn’t there, I had no expectations. Well I was pleasantly surprised because there was always someone there who knew who I was, said my name, and knew my drink preference. We’d chat about classes, how things were going…it made my day! It is really great when you come across people in your routine who truly pay attention and they care enough to notice when you don’t come through and are concerned. Before experiencing this, I honestly thought people didn’t really pay that much attention. I think the morning early crew at Jamba Juice is awesome!

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