Catch Up…

For the past two months, school has consumed me. I had deadlines to meet every week and I was on the verge of a serious meltdown. Essay after essay after reading after reading after quiz after essay after reading after quiz after essay…you get the picture. I felt like I fell into the deepest wormhole and I couldn’t get myself out it. The moment I thought I had finally reached the top I was sucked back in. This semester was challenging to say the least. I have concerns about one class simply because of the professor and his lack of preparation and professional decorum. I will not let it get me down though the semester is over for me. I will allow myself room for celebration. I start my vacation on Friday and at 6pm PST I plan raise a glass to the semester’s end. I have neglected this space during the madness although I had every intention of blogging daily. Now that I can mentally relax, I will be here more often, at least for a while. SO let’s play catch up.

I attended a book signing on October 18th and met author, Beverly Jenkins. She writes historical romance novels and she is one of my favorite authors. Before the signing, she posted on her website that if you were attending that you should bring all your books. Now, when I heard ALL I really didn’t think that she meant ALL. I have 31 of her books. There are two anthologies that I don’t own. I listened to a good friend of mine and only brought half. Welp, I should have listened to the author. She meant ALL. She told me at the next signing she wants to see the rest of them. I got a chance to take pictures and just sit and talk with her. I was encouraged to work on the shelved manuscripts for my short stories (Hold that thought, I shall come back to this). She is so down to earth. She introduced me to another writer and we connected. It was a surreal experience.

On the same day, I received news that I had a new nephew. I was elated! I hopped on a plane as soon as I could to meet him.

Then midterms happened then Thanksgiving. I had essays to write and a quiz the Monday after so no real Thanksgiving celebration for me.

Took some more quizzes and wrote some more essays and took finals.

Now here we are. SO let’s get back to those manuscripts. Since my first free day was yesterday, I brought them to work with me. I discover I had the start of a screenplay and two short stories. I laughed at myself since I started them in the late 90s. How time flies. I began to doodle corrections on one. Another I sent to a friend. I kept the oldest and largest one for myself. I will slowly begin to read and rework it during this time that I have on break. I plan on posting excerpt here. Feedback is welcome.

Well, that’s it. Glad to be back in this space. Looking forward to all your comments. Thanks for being patient with me.


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