Lost Hopes

I started this on August 14th and finished it today.

I feel something right under the surface of my skin today. You’ve always had nine+ lives. I must believe that everything is gonna be alright. I remember when “Otherside of the Game” by Erykah Badu came on when we were together that night during that year and we hugged tightly. In my mind, you have always been larger than life. I have always had big hopes and dreams for you although I never expressed it. You always had big ideas and I thought some day your name would be in lights. As I painted watercolor portraits while looking at the sky, you practiced scratching on that Fisher Price turntable. These were the daydreams of wild haired skinny girl twirling her baton in the backyard. Little did I know the reality life would bring. I am not sure you will even comprehend what I see in you. My only hope is that you are able to visualize this dream for yourself. We rarely utter words of sentiment, however the pain that pierces my heart at this moment warrants it. I love you beyond mere words. You were my first playmate. I ❤ my pest.

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