Poetry – Day 27

Lunchtime Blues

I’m sitting here in my own bubble

I’m minding my own business

Why do all these people feel like talking to me right now?

So you disturbed me to ask me about reality television?

I don’t watch that mindless ish

I just wanted to sit here and listen to my tunes and read my book

My focus is off

Now all I wanna do is throat chop you like a ninja

In fact I am a NINJA and I just pulled your heart of your chest

You didn’t even see it coming did you?

Oh you didn’t notice the look I was giving you

My eyes didn’t convey the danger lurking around the corner

In my head, my inner tiger just mauled you!

You didn’t realize that ear buds are the international symbol of “DON’T TALK TO ME!”

From this point forward was nothing but aggravation

Every question that was asked of  me was like nails on a chalkboard

I wanted to run around the room and scream until I expelled the last bit of air from my lungs

Don’t ask me for the time

Don’t ask me what street you’re on

You all get the brick smack

All I wanted to do was have a quiet moment to myself and listen to my tunes

I wanted to feel the music in my bones

I wanted to sit here and chair dance

I wanted to imagine the flashing lights

I wanted to feel the metronome in my heart

I wanted to groove to the 4×4 beat

Ahhhh can I just live?!

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