I wish I had a clone. I am beyond exhausted. I still have to work, eat, and sleep.  I am not gonna make it.  This semester is my challenge. I really don’t know how the younger students do it.  #breakpoint #tears

I am unsure, uncertain, and less than confident. I haven’t felt this way in a long time. I am usually confident about my ability to comprehend but British Literature is like German to me. I wish I could get to the solution. Lack of sleep has made me sensitive. Staying up all night trying to consumed text is not working. I read these texts constantly and draw blanks on content and concepts. Who were these 18th century cats writing for? Reading this material makes me less confident in my grasp of the English language. I used to think I liked to read. After this I don’t know how long it will take me to find a love for the written word again. Am I really an English major or did I just think I was? This is a life lesson I’m sure and I’m also sure it will teach something. Right now I’m in the depth of a dark pit trying to claw my way out. Think when Budd buried Beatrix in the coffin in Kill Bill Vol 2. When I started this journey, I thought by any means necessary. In midst of it, thinking this ish is for the birds. I need a break. Some breathing room…somethin’. *deep sigh*

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