REMIX 9.1 (Updated)

REMIX 9.1 (Updated)
Strings puppeteers pull amount to involuntary acts of nothingness
Limbs force mechanical movement
Perceived control traps minds in an L7
Persistent attempts produce groupthink behavior
They dream constantly of ways to belittle
Yet should be motivating
Ice sickles flowing through veins
Leaks from pores
Puppet or puppeteer, controller or controlled
The revolt should come as no surprise
You choose
Your skin is too thin
Your attempt at aggression won’t work
You try to dominate but you can’t
The sheep will become into shepherds
Give you a dose of your own poison
They won’t have to do much
You’ve already poisoned yourself
I took advantage of the energy of #9 Haiku 1 and intermingled lines from #3.   (previously posted 3/24/12)  A work in progress more to come….

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