The Next Great Read

Need to find some great books to read.  It seems I’ve read on my to-do list.  It’s difficult at times to find a really great writer when you’ve been used to reading a certain style of writing.  It’s been hard since one of my favorite writer, L.A. Banks died.  I’ve been searching, trying to find something, anything to peek my interests.  I have resorted to going back to read books I’ve already read which is no fun.  Perhaps I’ll pick up one of the classics and read it.  I’ve got no juice to work on my short stories.  The characters now seem blah. I would love to continue the stories.  In many ways I can relate to the Family Guy character, Brian Griffin, when it comes to writing his novel.  I’ve been working one of these stories since FOREVER.  I don’t even know which way to go with them anymore.  I’ve worked on it for years off and on.  I just don’t want to abandon them.  I know there is something there.  I hope the inspiration comes real soon.  I happened on an email a friend sent me to inspire me years ago. He said about writer’s block,  “Its when the mind shuts down all creativity, so the 3rd eye can gather more data. ”  In fact I re-read this email and remember alot.  Thank you for trying to light a fire under me then.  Your words still inspire.

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