Purple skies color snow lavender hides innocent blood hunted
Stranger wielding weapons unwarranted
Stop trying to dominate me
You’re not aggressive enough
It’s unfortunate happiness gives you cloudy days
The dark colored husk that is my skin keeps you awake at night
What is it about my humanity that gnaws at your psyche alerting suspicion?
A moment of silence causes my senses to hone in
Drawing me to the place where innocence lies prone spilling into unfortified soil
That right there touched me some place real close to the surface which I was unaware
Caused emotions to come up from the depth of me
Who was here to witness as the flesh was ripped away from bone?
Masked stranger with the ability to hear but not listen
No one knows your true name yet you hold the balance in the palm of your hand
The climate you’re in seems to be polluted
Your senses dulled hindering your understanding
Eyes weep tears fall slowly
Knowing this is the end of life as we know it.
I used couple lines from #3 and #9 Haiku 2.  The words seemed to flow right up out of me.

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