For the love of ART & INK


City of Ink’s Miya Bailey Presents: Color Outside The Lines

“Color Outside the Lines…. THE FILM! The untold story of the history &
struggles of African American “Professional” Tattoo Artists…..3 years in the
making….. Reblog this please….time to wake up and know the truth…..”

If you care anything about Art, If you love ART , If you love INK, If you care about your skin and how it’s treated, If you care about quality INK, you need to see this film. PERIOD!

I love and support this brother. I trust him with my skin. You should take some time to research City of INK in Atlanta, GA.

I absolutely love the fact that Miya took the time to share with the world the plight of the African American tattoo artist. There are too many people picking up needle guns and defacing skin without training. You need to see this film. If it comes to your area, please go and check it. If you are in the NY area on March 29th there is a private screening. Visit for more information and be sure to check out

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