I’m still struggling with my performance pieces but I am committed to putting the best of me out there for the world to see. I will keep plugging away at it until I am confident about my delivery. I’ve got five weeks to get it in gear. Light a candle for me.

On another note, I was inspired by a coworker of mine to take the plunge and go back to school. Although she doesn’t know this at all. She really made a great impact on me and this decision. It’s been a week since I met with the associate director of admissions. My head was swimming after that meeting. I received so much information at one time I had to take several moments to digest it all. Either commit or get off the pot. Am I ready for what’s in store? Am I ready to be in a classroom with minds who are NOT there for the same goal I am? Am I ready for the endless shenanigans that a college classroom will bring? I’m grown. This is serious. I don’t want my time wasted. I cannot do group project, I just won’t. I have no time for simple minds I’m trying to get this ish done. TIME time t i m e. From a financial standpoint, I’m about to be done in with no vaseline. Can I get some stock in EDUCATION please?! Geez. From a personal standpoint, this is long overdue. Life came along and put this phase on pause and now I believe I am ready to gon’ head and handle it.

Sidebar – I really need to make it to an open mic. I have a need to feel the steel in my palm.

Well it’s Friday. It’s raining. Is that motivation I hear? Nah, I think it’s just raindrops on the windowpane.

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