Clean Canvas


I made the decision a couple days ago to start another blog. Why you ask? Well I felt that the other blog displayed many private thoughts that I just didn’t want to make public anymore. So rather than go through the blog and delete various entries I decided to start another.

With that being said, I want to use this as a creative space to generate fuel for my pen. I have a couple of leftover pieces from a couple hundred that I found on random floppy disks (yes floppy disks) that need major work, an overhaul if you will. They are all untitled, simply random thoughts I wanted to save for later (at least that’s what it looks like). I will be taking the time to rework, edit, and butcher each one until I discover what lies beneath the chaos. I would love LOVE commentary, criticism, advice, and the like. I appreciate it in advance. I use this space to express. My expression might not be what you’re used to. If you dislike my use of the English language or the subject matter, that’s okay feel free to click the red X at the top of your browser. 🙂

The crackle of the waves against the rocks in the rhythm motion sounds so peaceful
Wishing I was apart of the motion
On the sand walking the edge only going close enough yet
Never touching the water
Mentally taking in the atmosphere trying to capture the images
And hold them with me
Picking up tiny momentoes along the way
Leaves in the breeze
They disconnect themselves
With pretense and fanfare
Branches when leaned on hard by the wind
May break at an inopportune time
They aren’t always able to be trusted to carry the weight of life
Roots provide everything
Linking the trunk to the earth’s foundation
Providing stability
Keeping the trees standing tall
I want to live amongst a field of strong trees
Because your titties hang to your knees & your ovaries hang low
doesn’t make you a man so stop trying to dominate me cause
you can’t you’re not aggressive enough
I understand this 9 to 5 is all you’ve got
i know you dream constantly of ways to belittle
those you should be motivating
ice sickles flowing through your veins
leak from your pores
it’s unfortunate happiness gives you cloudy days
Don’t be surprised when the laborers revolt
& give you a dose of your poison
Honestly they won’t have to do much you’ve
already poisoned yourself
Free me release the chains
That bind my ability to be me
It’s a precedent some new shit
FAKENESS is trying to take over the real
This fallacy seems to be a movement
I’m rebellious to hell with this and them
There is something more
There’s gotta be something more
Isn’t there something more
There better be something more
For all this struggle and strife
These crabs in a barrel clamping down hard
Sometimes I feel like a ninja with my shurikens
Slashin’ through bullshit
Sometimes haters stay hidden like weapons of mass destruction
Freedom trapped in the hands of 12 white men who understand nothing about the way we live
Latin cultures fascinates me
With their spicy foods & words
Makes me crave empanadas, paella, & plantanos
Sometimes I wonder where this need for sabor comes from
My continuous search for the next great seasoning
Food network is like my porn
Now you know I don’t have the answer cause if I did I wouldn’t be disappointed
Every time the façade of the most beautiful girl in the world came around…I digress
I wish I could meet an angel that could whisper in my ear
and it wouldn’t turn into a thing a tit for tat
Who is that where you been were you going what you doin when you coming home
Why didn’t you call me….don’t you love me anymore
Ummm how in the hell did we get here like right here cause I thought things were cool
like taking it easy on a Sunday morning
But don’t you hate when a woman turns thinks into a “nightmare on Elm street”
We don’t date anymore things have been turned into speed dating…hell I don’t have the answers anymore
Mac Dre melodies flood brainwaves with invisible chronic high 4
Mocha coffee addiction causes brown teeth halt consumption 3
Purple skies color snow lavender hides innocent blood hunted haiku 2
Strings puppeteers pull amount to involuntary acts of nothingness 1

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