The more you live the more you learn.

I had a discussion tonight that was really interesting. Does the Universe play into your decision to date someone? To stay with them? Do we even consciously think about spirituality when we make a connection to someone? All these questions, sparked even more questions. I think sometimes people are very afraid to strike up a question about spirituality for fear that it will somehow conflict with the views they’ve already development about the person they are attracted to. I mean think about it…you’re caught up, you’ve connected with someone, you want to make it official…..and then they say……your beliefs aren’t real. Now would that change the way you felt about them? Would it cause you to reflect or would you keep it movin’ and “connect”? I don’t know something I’m just tossin’ round in my head right now. I’ll probably have more thoughts after some quiet reflection. *two fingas*

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