Morning rant….

Well my morning got off to such a fabulous start….*insert whatever face* I needed to go help mini-me take care of something this morning and as I try and have a conversation with her yanno mother daughter stuff this other child comes over and is sidling us and give her the *excuse me face* and she continues to stand there as if she has absolutely no idea that I am trying to have a private discussion. I mean what the hell…I get the same type of crap at an ATM when I am trying to take out cash. What is with ppl who do not know how to give space. YOU ARE IN MY FCUKIN’ PRIVATE SPACE!!! That frustrated the hell out of me. RUDE MFs

Then as I try to get my morning back on track on go to my favorite smoothie place, I hadn’t been there in a long time so I thought this should cheer me up but OH NO. On this morning of all mornings, I get the rude cashier…I’m looking at the menu because they’ve changed it so much and I noticed my favorite drink isn’t there. So of course now I have to take a lil time to decide what I want. Mind you there is no one else in there but me. He is just sighin and puffin as if there are 20+ customers in the store he needs to serve. So I place my order and I wait. So the blender is going my drink is being mixed and in excited anticipation I can not wait for the refreshing coolness to soothe but my physical but my mental. He calls my name and I approach…he thrusts the cup in my hand. I said “thank you” and I get a half-hearted “you’re welcome have a good day”. I lift the straw to my lips and get ready for the fruity goodness. The cool icyness hits my tongue, and…… brain says WHAT THE FUKC?! WHY WAS THE ISH WRONG?! Dude left out like two ingredients it didn’t taste the same at all. After all that I get the screwed. If I hadn’t been cutting it close, I would have gone back and expressed my dissatisfaction.

I was so outdone I couldn’t even read my book on the way to work. I just sat there thinking about how screwy my morning started when I didn’t wake up feeling this way. I am trying not to let little things get me upset cause I don’t need any stress affecting my health. So I thought you know what when you get to work let’s blog this out. SO here I am. I went to bed with a smile on my face and I woke up and came out into brisk morning air smacked in the face with the chaotic world. Why does it seem when you are feeling on top of the world someone wants to spoil your happy high?? Welp you know what…..I need some happy thoughts and good feelings soooooooooo can you please send me some? Please and thank you I’m gonna put in Ms Janet and maybe she can help me “Get Excited”….*sighs*

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