Clarity comes when necessary.

I have reflected alot in the past couple days and I realize that some expression is not conducive to overall communication. It doesn’t help the situation at all it only frustrates. I have been told repeatedly things that my mind couldn’t wrap itself around cause at that moment I was too caught up in getting the answer that only I’d be satisfied with (which you constantly told me and always said that I wasn’t willing to hear it). I wasn’t actively listening. It is because I wasn’t hearing what was there all along that everything became chaotic. It is also for the very same reason that I believe that you are in my life to show me the things that I need to learn. I believe that you are the vessel that was created chosen for me to get the point across. I have always said there is a reason for everything even though I may not know the answer why. I also believe that the Universe weeded people out of my life to help me to recognize their behavior and to know that it was not for them to be around me taking all my energy. The Universe kept some and brought in others that I would benefit from and together they are to assist me on my journey. I do not use the term friend loosely and for that reason I have very few. You will always be apart of my life.

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