Yesterday the intensity was so thick you could’ve cut it with a knive. Yet I survived to the see the dawn. I have had an epiphany nothing will change until I make the change. I thought about the totality of this thing breathed it in and truth presented itself. There is no need for anger because it doesn’t produced anything but chaos. I need to rebuild. Everything I need is within me. I know that I am okay because inside this day calm has settled in my spirit despite the tears that flow I am okay. I have asked the Universe to assist me in this and I know the universe will oblige. The light is coming my way I can feel it. Release has surrounded me. For all the residue from past pain that continued to take up residence in my heart, I am letting you go and never wish you to return. Listening to India had been planting seeds that I hadn’t yet cultivated now I feel the movement in the earth. Words were just on the edge waiting on me to pull them forward and they came in abundance. Before sleep a line came to me and I wrote it. My sleep produced line after line just like it had always done. This morning, I have been writing nonstop adding lines to those pieces that had remained incomplete. I thank the Universe for this gift I’ve been given and I promise to never betray it. This pen shall be my healing. Today I am making a conscience choice to choose to be happy. I forgive myself.

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