Floetry & Goapele at the Crest

*big sighs*

Just came back from seeing Floetry and Goapele in concert and I am still riding the wave. I am still astonished at the fact that I wasn’t gonna go even though I had my ticket for two weeks because I was feeling blahzay. I am glad I didn’t let that feeling stop me from going. I feel like I was meant to be there. I love the energy that was present there. The message was clear. CHANGE is POWER and it can start a REVOLUTION. REVOLUTION is SUCCESS by any means NECESSARY. Stand firm and believe in who you are. How are you feeling? What is it you stand for? STAND FOR SOMETHING OR YOU WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING! My creative energy has been inspired beyond belief.

I am going to begin today to breathe life into all those ideas, thoughts, and past life memories that need to be fed and birthed into existence. It’s my time to shine…IT’S ON! I am so tired of all the drama and the negative hovers around me…it’s time to just open myself up and let it shed itself from my aura. I love myself and in this beautiful moment with all this energy I know that I love you with everything! Real talk…

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