Your Voice

Where was I….oh yeah “Nappy Edges” by Ntozake Shange

There was a piece where she describes a poet’s VOICE and she relates it to a musician’s MUSIC. When a certain musician plays music there is no mistaking who that sound belongs to the ear just knows however does the ear know the same when it comes to a poet’s “VOICE”. Can you inherently recognized the words from a certain poet and know instinctively those thoughts belong to them? So I was thinking about this and sometimes that isn’t always true unless it’s something that I’ve either studied or works I actually own. I have often thought of this concept perhaps not in this exact way but when it comes to whether or not my words will “standout” amongst the masses. I wonder am I saying all I need to say. Reading Ms. Shange makes me want to study more and really OWN my gift.

So what do you think about a “VOICE”?

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