Sitting here listening to this song reminds me of YOU. There is so many things on my heart right now and I CANNOT TELL YOU. I recall how things used to be between US and I wish WE could get that back. How did things get so far off track? What point did things turn? I hate the fact that my last statement to YOU wasn’t one of love. WE used to be so very happy. I want that back. I miss YOUR smile, YOUR hugs, I MISS YOU! I miss the way that YOU used to hold my hands and look them teasing me calling them small. I miss the way YOU could just tell me everything would be okay and I had faith that it really would be cause YOU said it would. YOU my light my beacon…*sighs* If I break down and pick up the phone now….what does that mean….does it mean mean I couldn’t stand my ground. All I know right now is that my heart is aching right now and every one of my phrases I’ve glanced upon had YOUR energy in them and I miss my MUSE. It hurts not having YOU near. I can no longer pretend that I’m okay cause I’m doing a poor job of it. *sighs* I love YOU and this is killin’ me.

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