When I think about all those ppl who I’m blessed enough to have crossed my path, I’m so grateful. You know life is short and sometimes I don’t say it enough but I am so thankful for all the lil tidbits and lessons that I’ve picked up, journals I’ve read and the laughs when I needed them and the lil silly convos. I’ve crossed paths with some wonderful ppl whom I’ve never even seen in the physical realm and yet I feel connected to them genuinely. I hope to one day be afforded the opportunity to sit and build with each and every one of them. I had a conversation today about time and a second to the left or right and what that may mean. Time is so precious and we take for granted that we will have the time to say all that we want to say. SO to all my friends near and far even those who may not think they’ve done anything YOU have *smile* I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU and I appreciate getting to know you. The universe decide to aligned itself and that particular moment in order us to “meet” and I am glad about that. I look for enriching and enlightening conversation with you all. Everything happens for a reason….so let’s continue to build.

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